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Is it just me or does Ron (the MC's guardian, the shepherd dog) has a thing for the MC? Seemed like he wanted the MC and was jealous of the MC's obvious want for Hurricane... 

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For the ones who are stuck on the map or want more things than that: Their patreon have a free demo that is better than this one. It doesn't have the map and stuff, but at least it does have something

Hey there, 

Thank you for sharing those links! I uploaded the wrong files to the website and those files were up for so long. Yikes, I've gotta be more careful. Thanks again! 

xneobeastx, can i contact you, i wanted to volunteer my help(hope for your response)

You can catch me through telegram at xneobeastx

stuck on the map

there is another free demo

What is actually the full contents of the demo. Do you actually get to meet Hurricane? (the black and white muscular stallion) Because I'm stuck on the "world" map and trying to level up my stats doesn't do anything...

Same here


I think its fixed now, 
Heres a link RealityBender has been passing out
If the ones on the website still dont work, this one hopefully does for now.
Im sorry about that, it was my bad. 


It's another free demo

Why did you replied with this? I'm just curious to know. 

Its a link to the files of the game that worked. 
I replaced the files on the website but if it still doesnt work, the link realitybender sent may be working. 
Sorry about that

Oh, okay. Thanks! :) 

i wanted more 


We will be making it happen

yah .. oh man im really turn on by thinking of it